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Settling In At A New Job
By Jonathon Hardcastle

Getting a new job can be extremely difficult. With the economy not being as strong as it once was, you may find yourself competing against hundreds of other possible applicants for the same position. You may feel like getting the job is the hardest part, but many people underestimate a different aspect of getting a new job: settling in amongst new coworkers and procedures. In this article, we'll offer some tips on how to make the transition as easy as possible while being the best employee that you can.

- Don't be afraid to ask questions when you're starting your job! If you're new, clearly, you're not going to instantly understand all the processes that everyone goes through and how exactly the workplace functions. If you're ever unsure on the details of something, be sure to ask - it's better to do things right the first time then having to repeat a process to fix your mistakes.

- Do your best to mesh with your co-workers. Odds are, there's something you have in common with every individual person that you work with. Be sure to keep smiling and be as nice as possible; new people are often subject to the third degree when they are less than enthusiastic, and it can really dampen your experience in the workplace.

- Another important thing to figure out in the first few days is the chain of command. Realize exactly who is allowed to tell you to do something, to ensure that you aren't performing another coworker's duties for them.

- Be sure to be early for work every day, leaving a good impression on your new boss. Also, do your best not to rush away from work when quitting time comes - you should show a strong work ethic and a commitment to your job.

These are just some simple tips that can make life around the workplace easier. Making a good first impression is one of the most important things you can do at a job, and it can truly pay off over time. A new job can end up positive or negative based off of the first few weeks. First impressions are tough to break, so be sure to put your best face on at your new job!

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